so two girls dissapeared from belgrave last week (a suburb near mine. it goes me, upper FTG, upwey, tecoma, belgrave) and were found this week in my suburb hanging from a tree. news articles can be found if you want them, they are rather abundant at the moment...

now normally shit like this doesnt get me. y'know, kids killing themselves and shit, enough of my friends have tried it, some have succeded, that it doesnt make me feel... cold. y'know? so ANYWAY, the thing that has completly gotten me is that one of two things happened.

they got abducted and made to look like they killed themselves... a week later. OR

THEY killed themselves, hanging from a tree, FOR A FUCKING WEEK? how the fuck do we not NOTICE this!! at least the fucking smell of animals EATING them! i mean fuck! my money is still on murder, cause id much rather beleive in sickos that the entire community being retarded. ive been reading articles and shit, parents leaving messages and shit blah blah blah. however, Dr Michael Carr-greg, a ponce who talks about epression and thinks hes gods gift to analyzing teens (That my job), has made, THIS, ingenious statment.

Dr Carr-Greg said a joint suicide pact between girls was rare.

"It's very, very unusual to have girls kill themselves and particularly kill themselves in this way," he said.

"So my only conclusion is that they must have been depressed."

REALLY. they killed themselves, and were DEPRESSED? I'LL KILL RIPLEYS.

How the fuck did this shit kitten get a degree in ANYTHING?!

Jodie Gater had a MySpace website called Hoodlum with a profile that reads: "Let Steph n me b free".

I wonder... IS THAT A CLUE? aside from the fact she cant spell...

So my point is... i dont know. i needed to rant. i just think that we should have been able to notice this... 2 girls dead from a tree for a week, and they dont get found... I think this is the first time murder has seemed like a better option to people. People dont want to beleive that these girls were hanging from a tree for a week and NO ONE FUCKING NOTICED. FUCK!

Jodie's MySpace page included an image of a glass full of absinthe and the words "let us blow your mind".

Its photogenic, not important. do you fuckers know anything about kids? I mean really, to any of you guys who have tried absinthe, it does blow your mind so.. whats the fuck signifigance?

The last message she posted on the site was dedicated to her boyfriend, Allan.

"I luv you sooo soo much Allan, Miss u heaps and heaps xoxoxo I will always remember u," the teenager wrote. thats sweet. your a fucking idiot.

A picture of Jodie and Allan kissing was posted next to the message.

Jodie last updated her page on April 14, a day before she and Stephanie went missing.

(AND NO ONE FUCKING CLUED IN A DAY BEFORE?? your all fucking gay)

The page features a flashing message that says "f--- this world/everything that you stand for/don't accept/don't give a shit/don't ever judge me".

once again, how many millions of angsty emo teens have posted that fucking stuff? really. GO ON AND LOOK YOUR SHIT UP YOU *FUCKING* COCKDONKEYS!!

So surfice it to say im pissed. but i'd like to hear your thoughts.