to everyone who made it to the Trocadero show this past Saturday in Cambridge.

Also BIG thanks to those who have messaged us, telling us how much they WANTED to be there but could not. You will see us play....we will find you and force entertainment on you!!! Just wait'n'see.

It was a REALLY great FUN night, and you know what?? We played well. Especially Nico, who kicked it hard despite a frantically runny nose!!! (You know what it was? He ate a french fry....did you know that ALL French people are allergic to French Fries??? Test it for yourself, you'll see!!!)

And while we are all kissing each other's asses, it would be terribly remiss of me to not to tell you that it would have not felt right without this one present at the show. You know her, you love her.........and she is even cuter in person than she is in her photos.

What else....oh yeah, I got to meet Nico's mom and brother. And there was this band who played with us called The Break Mission ----friggin' awesome!!!!

Oh and one more tidbit......maybe I WILL fall in love again ( I keep swearing it off.....but......this time will HAVE to be different....right?????)