So i was arguing with a friend, and she was saying how mcr are better than NIN ( i shall snap her neck later) and i said mcr is only popular because of their emo appearence, and shes like, well whats wrong with emo?! screaming at me in the middle of the school ground, when i yelled this little gem of inprovised beauty in her ear.

"The whole emo/scene subculture is insane proof of humanities close genetic ties to the sheep and lemming!"

god im good. or at least thats what the ladies tell me, but ive got some cool trick learned. and they say you cant teach an old tongue new tricks. tongue.png

vsorry for the edit, but i had to add this small snippet of dialogue.

Dave: and they try and break away from emo by making an album about death and celbrating it? only 2 people are alowed to celebrate death, irish and mexicans. they are neither

Dumb bitch: its about coming to terms with death. natural death; not living in pain and pitty like emos do.

Dave: no, it is about celebrating it you scrag.

Dave:thats WHY they have the parade.

Dumb bitch: it's not theyre not saying; aww fucking yay, I'm dead.

Dave: "wouldnt it be great if we were dead?"