Gyakuten Saiban, (commonly known in these parts as Phoenix Wright) is one of the best game series ever. Seriously, I've never been this excited with a game, plus the music of the game is awesome. I've honestly spent the last hour listening to Gyakuten Saiban music.
I've never been so moved by a game's music, but this game's music takes the cake.

I've only played the first two games, but I have to say, the endings to Gyakuten Saiban 1 (DS version) and 2, are so great. I've never, ever, been touched emotionally by a game like that before.

If you have a DS, I highly recommend getting this game. It has a great story, very humorous at times, very emotional at times, and has a great soundtrack that will always amplify the mood.

If you don't have a DS, then I extremely recommend getting one, they're fun little gizmos, that will always have something in it's library to please your gaming needs.

In closing, Gyakuten Saiban is awesome. Buy a DS, buy this game, buy the game soundtracks. smile.pngbigsmile.png

Fatguy2007 aka How Ya Want It

Edit: Damn, now I know I'm addicted I spent the last four hours on Court Records, searching for GS info.... well, that's a good four hours well-spent!