well my internet has been down for most of the day. -_- oh well I guess. Anyhow yesterday i worked for 13 hours... inventory has once again screwed me over. fucking inventory. Oh yeah and last night a lady fainted going into one of the movies o.O I had to stop traffic from going into the hall. So many people were getting pissed. bastards -_- oh yeah and i had some guy come up to me and complain about how the movie he wanted to see was sold out. o.O so I told him that he has to get to the theater early to get tickets... then he went off on me saying "So what I’m suppose to get here early and have no life like everyone else in town?" by this time I was already pissed at the day so I just told him I guess so and walked off....
Anyhow today I've been mostly cleaning and sitting around.
I haven't smoked today! Go me... but I’m prolly going to get a craving tomorrow walking around campus. :( well I guess that’s it for today.
Quote of the day- “but I can’t die yet! I haven’t had a cookie today!â€Â