I haven't updated in a while so I figured I'd give you all the lowdown on what's going on.

I got back from Prom this afternoon at 3ish (well, not the actual Prom but from an after party). All I've got to say is that I had a FREAKING AWESOME TIME!! The actual Prom wasn't all that great but for some reason it never is here. Although we did have a tight setup. We were on top of the Florida State University Center. It's not big up there but they had great desserts and an awesome view (well, for Florida's view that aren't by the beach anyways). Before and after the Prom was amazing though.

The girl, I was going to ask to go but was asked by someone else like just a couple minutes or so before, and I hung out a lot. Her date was a kind of a jerk and just left her a lot of the time so we ended up talking and what not. We did all sorts of stuff that was so much fun. We swam, made sweet shirts, watched movies, and so much more. We didn't go to sleep until around 5 a.m. We got up early as well and did even more stuff. I'm just so pumped about it still that I am left speechless. =P So, in the end, waiting turned out to be alright after all. I wish those times could just go on and on.

Well, I would say more but I'm bushed. Been going almost non-stop for 38 hours or so. The rest that we got wasn't really rest so that's why I'm saying "almost non-stop", hehe.