Now.. personally, i'm not a fan of lying... it complicates things far more than necessary.. dishonesty is Never becoming.. .. . i also have issues with people that have trouble accepting reality as it is.. but my biggest problem with it is misrepresentation.. it's hard enough as it is to get everyone on the same page.. is it really necessary to give someone a false view of yourself or a situation?.. nevermind that if you feel the need to misrepresent yourself or a situation you're involved in.. it implies that you're ashamed of the reality.. which is absurd.. misrepresentation leads to nothing but trouble.

But what about misinterpretation?

Now it often happens that one person will say something that was meant as neutral, but the person it was directed to takes it "the wrong way".. be it by the first party's tone, body language, choice of words, the situation at hand, or even the second party being overly sensitive... how can something be taken.. "The Wrong Way." .. if one person perceives a situation one way.. and someone else a Completely different way... that suddenly creates two truths.. so which is true.. or if they're both relaying the situation to a Third party.. are they both lying just because the other person didn't see it the same way they did?

Or if we accept each person's point of view on a situation as truth.. then we would also have to accept the point of view of someone who sits around daydreaming and fabricating their own reality all day... if you tell yourself something enough times, it will eventually become your psychological reality.. so is something that a person who is not entirely mentally sound completely believes as reality actually true?

Afterall... there is no truth.. only you and what you make the truth.

i'm done here.