So every Tuesday night that a Rockies game is broadcast, they have email the booth night, where you can email the booth and they will show and answer your question on TV. So for the last two seasons or so I would casually try to get my questions on air, if I was watching.

After never getting my questions on air, last night I realized that I must be asking to indepth of questions, that either A) was to complex for the general Rockies viewer, or B) Was to long for them answer and explain in just a few seconds of air time per question.

So last night I decided to dumb down my question and asked a question I already new the answer to. And I finally got my question on the air during the top of the 2nd inning. I dumbed it down and they even cut about half of my question out. Fastball saw it and even called me out about the stupid question, calling me a fame whore. He is just jealous his questions haven't been on the air.

Today they were showing a replay of the game. So like a good fame whore, I taped it so I could see it again. I got back from class and and started watching the game again and guess what: THEY CUT OUT THE 2ND INNING WHICH CONTAINED MY EMAIL!!!!! I now have a tape of an entire baseball game minus the one inning I wanted. Just as I reached the peak of my hackey sack flight, God kicks me again. And if you think it is said that seeing and hearing my name during a Rockies game is the peak of my day/week/semester you obviously don't know me.