Sleepily tired good.

Sam got back from Indy today. We went swimming together from 9-10:30 and then afterwards we went to Walmart to grab some food. Soooo much fun! I got some chicken parmeson (cant spell it worth shit) thats family sized, some mac and cheese, strawberries, shortcake, powdered sugar, frosting, brownies, green tea, and diet snapple peach tea (my fav!). oh, and some new dice earrings. My old pair that I love so much had a funk. One of the earnings lost its ball. So I bought a new pair and I also found a pair that is blue! Yay!!!! I love blue. Expensive fuckers though. I spent 40 bucks going to wally-world. I need to not go there again for a while. I spend too much when I am there and at odd hours. Lol.

Afterwards Sam and I went down to the music room in the basement of Morril and played our instruments. I was playing the flute, he the violin and piano. Then we ate together and played some more. Sam is such a sweetheart and good company. Tomorrow he'll probably call me around 3ish to go swimming again. Good exercise for us. Hehe.

Bout to head to bed. *yawn* being happy-full makes me sleepy. My buddy Matt calls it "warm puppy syndrom". Lol. Very true.