Just got it for the xbox. Sweet game. Grey Ghost can't handle it though. It is too scary for him. I have only played for about an hour and a half and I have already had a lot of " Holy #$@&, Mother %#$%#$%" moments, when big nasties jump out at me. What I really like about this game is that it still has a lot of the same things the orignal Doom games had, but redone in today's quality gaming standards. Its really cool, I would suggest that everyone go out and get it, but it is pretty gorey and probably wont be for everyone so it is probably a rental before you buy. But me on the other hand don't have a problem with gore and monsters (unlike Grey Ghost). New Hobbie: Cutting down zombies with my chainsaw. ( For you hardcore Doom fans that still haven't played Doom 3, the chainsaw is still there and even more fun than the orignal dooms.)