...So after being suspended for graffiti at school, after entering a new realm of being, after starting and finishing an adventure, I finally gather my thoughts on this website for you. My thoughts are composed of loathing and disappointment. I feel displeased as a former sponsor. I detest where the Blood Gulch Chronicles went. Season One and Two were what drew me in as though it where a breath of fresh air. I have no idea when the air got stale. It snuck up on me like some 3 foot long sewer rat I encountered in my journey today. Clearly you can see it has been a long day. This brings me back to RT. I felt as though the staff and moderators constantly contested my morals (as far as an online community goes) in ways that remind me of Facebook or MySpace. I have had enough. It is only fitting that I depart from this place upon the ending of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. I am officially announcing my resignation from this isolating community.

To the people on my friends list, You were the ones that made this place tolerable. I am more than pleased to have made all of your aquaintance's.

To the people that know my phone number or gamertag, contact me and let's chill sometime.