Okay, well know that I am extremely overdue for an update I'll try to cover as much as I can remember.

Those few days I spent up at Tech with boshimi336 and swimtassle ended up being almost 4 days because of snow. Somehow we ended up getting a lot of snow over my spring break that all start the day that I was going to leave for Tech. Anyway, I was there, I had a great time, I'm rooming with boshimi336 next year and it's going to be crazy.

I've registered for all but one of my classes so far and my schedule did not come out like i was hoping it would, but oh well it's not too bad. That same week my class decided to have a banquet to burn off some extra money they have. This proved to be an interesting experience for a couple of reasons. One, it was the first time that I had been in the restaurant where they had it. Two, I had probably 5 or 6 girls trying to get me to take a picture of the men's bathroom so they could find out what it looks like. And three, they played a decent amount of techno, which is the only kind of music that can get me to dance and I ended up just letting go and people were amazed. It was actually quite funny for me to see and hear people's reactions.

The next week one of the two elementary school's in my district had a talent show at the high school and they wanted stage lights for it and a spot light. Well, I ended up running the lights and the spot for them and almost burnt myself a few times on the spot light. That was interesting and boring at the same time.

Here comes everything else, the Excellence in Education thing that my school does happened last Tuesday and that was fun. I was excused from all of my class, took a tour of one of the departments at Marquette General Hospital, got a free lunch, and then spent the rest of the school day in the park. I ended up working at the track meet taking place at the school that day too and the only thing I had to wear were my dress clothes, that was interesting. Sometime in the past month I asked Eun (the South Korean exchange student) to prom and she said yes, so next weekend I'm going to prom with one of my school's 4 exchange students. The only thing left that I can think of is that I graduate on the 27, that means I have three weeks of high school left.