Yeah so I haven't been on in a really long time as you may have noticed and you might not be anyone, as I may very probably have no more watchers. But I was bored and felt like writing a long over due journal entry, so here it is.

I'm still alive, very much alive actually, just not on RT as much as I used to be or at all. I do still watch all the videos and read the news posts, I just don't really have time or the patience for posting, reading, and replying. I've been working a lot, going to school and just getting out more and enjoying life. I just recently bought my sister's car which I plan on detailing, waxing, repairing, painting, reselling and then ultimately buy a better car thats cheaper on gas. I'm gonna be selling my iBook G4 too my other sister and I'll be buying a Macbook which I've been excited about for awhile, but I'll be waiting till Mac OS X Leopard comes out. Also I have my eye on the new Xbox 360 Elite which I may or may not purchase, all of this is still kinda up in the air.

Currently on my RvB page I have at the very least 1000 neglected alerts which I don't have any intentions of checking anytime soon, sorry to anyone who's offended. Oh and just to be clear I'm not writing this journal to say that I'm deleting my account and make some big ridiculous thing about it that I see so often. I'm just simply saying hey to anyone that may still be watching me and keeping those people up to date on my very interesting life. Which in retrospect is really none of your business but whatever. Also I have 75 mod points, which I really have no use for, so I think I'll be basically handing those out to anyone that does still watch me or people I found interesting or creative. But I'll putting these mod points toward any sort of work you've done that I liked which, again, mainly just needs to be interesting or creative.

So yeah there ya go.

Later Gator,