once there was this girl and boy they were go out 4 as long as they could remmber
(it was a long time ok) there names were kate & don they love 1 each other he come in 2 her house all the time with her mom noeing and sleep with her all the time he have 2 make sure her mom was not looking or watching what they were doing (if u noe what i mean) but he all ways hate it when she go beep every time said a bad word like this 1 time they were walking and he hit this boy 4 calling his girl a bitch (beep) so then the boy ran off so then he said take that u son of a bitch but just then his girl said beep so he said stop beep so damn mach so when he said that she said beep
dot dot dot 2 weeks later
ill teel u more later k