One wow
That's how long I haven't a journal
Oh well Can't blame me.
Remember I told you guys about Daniel?
Well He's a married man Now! Hoorah for him
And about Manny's Wife,Tina........Well..........It Past 4 Months now that manny's been gone.
Almost all the Saturdays I live,I go to The cemetery to pay my respects to him.
This is what his Gravestone says

:Manuel Mora,Father,husband,and Brave soldier
Promoted to Sargent at Death.
If anyone has anything to say to him when I go this Saturday
Tell me And I'll give it to him
Just be sure to give me your name,I told him all about you guys before he died.

Other News........My gunshot wound is acting up again.....
Went to the hospital more than 4 time all ready.
Great,Just Great
That's all for now Folks
-John Rain