On study leave today due to the physics prac exam being tomorrow... yeah, soooo looking forward to that. Ah well, not long now. Less than 3 school weeks, and it's all over, and I come out with qualifications smiley1.gif

Going camping with people in the summer, can't wait for that, and I'm going back to Scotland in the beginning of August to visit Erin!!! And probably other people too, but I'm staying at Erins, so yeah smiley0.gif Can't wait to see her again. And I'll go visit my old house and see how much it's changed smiley6.gif

18 soon!! 2 and a half months, I'm counting, can't wait for that either. Bens birthday too on that day, woooo!!

Haven't been online much lately, can't be arsed, it's just boring now a lot of the time, I've just been going out loads more so I hardly go on here. Aaaand there's lots of revision to do atm too smiley3.gif yay.

Byebyes! smiley12.gif