As most of you know, i am a big gamer and a halo junkie.
It took me over six hours to download the beta for halo 3, and much to my surprise, the game was a complete let down for me.

i would have to say that most people are finding the game to be out of this world but there is a few of us that have been unimpressed by its performance.
the continued weapons from halo 2 seem to be running a lot smoother and are more effective, but the new items brought into the game disapoint me. they seem a bit childish and so far the only thing i've liked is the spike grenade. the spartan laser is highly effective, but it takes a bit getting used to.

the skirmish games are the biggest let down for me. territories has a few positives, i like having offense and defense, but its entirely tedious work of trying to capture an area. it takes the entire effort of the team wich makes it easy for the other team to get mass kills, then you have to start from scratch.
assault is pretty fun, i like not having to hold the bomb to arm though i havnt played this game type enough to realy talk about it.
VIP is a whole new game type wich is pretty fun, but its another tedious game when after killing most of the team you are left with hardly any shield to kill the VIP.

all in all im seriously debating if i should actualy purchase the game or not. this could be the end of halo and all its glory for me.

On a happier note. im very pleased with rainbow six las vegas. i get to play with my brother and some of his old college buddies i used to hang out with.
it brings back the good memories of golden eye.