I've been pretty good I got like a shit load of stuff that I could talk about , but I dont know how far I'm gona get. Recently for a bunch of reasons Ive been going about 5 hours or less of sleep lately one of them being finals. But- Ah fuck it I'll just tell what I've been up to:

Smackdown vs. Raw 2007: I got this about a month ago and it's great. Graphics are pretty good. And I'd give it a 9.5.

SUMMER!!!!!! Yeah, that's partly why I was able to post this journal and catch up. Our school let out for summer today and for some reason, lack 'o' sleep probably, I'm not as excited as I thought I would be. Oh well I just gotta wait for sheer "giddy-ness" to kick in. (That and the assload of tylenol.)

More AMVs To Come On Youtube: Yea, I just made another AMV and right after I post this journal I'm going to go upload that video. Oh, and now that I'm "free" I'll upload faster or whenever I get an idea. Suggestions are appreciated. Remember REDFIELD175.

Infinity On High Fall Out Boy's newest cd. I think it's pure awesome-ness....oh dear god the pills are taking effect. Did I just say pure awesome-ness???? Oh shit. Anyway It's areally good cd and you should go buy or do it my way. Borrow it from a friend and download it your iTunes or whatever.

I'm going to go before I get any worse.And don't worry Im back and, yes, I'm here to stay!!!

PLZ go down and checkout my buddies' profiles!!!!!

Seeya around! x_x