My Snapple bottle cap reads:

"The Statue of Liberty features 7 points in her crown - one for each of the continents."


How much do you want to bet that guy that designed the statue of liberty put that many points there simply because it fit with the design of the statue and looked nice... . and then all these bastards looking for more meaning and reason behind the superfluous details of life decided "it must be because of the continents!!" [Yeah, Because Antarctica Reeeeaaaallly matters... Psh.]

"Tiger gotta hunt. Bird gotta fly.
Man gotta sit and wonder why, why, why.
Tiger gotta sleep. Bird gotta land.
Man gotta tell himself he understand."

[Bokonon is a fictional character in Kurt Vonnegut Jr's book 'Cat's Cradle' who made up a religion (Bokononism) so that the people of his country would feel better about their lives.]

Also -- Don't forget about The 75-point contest!