Don't Want To Be Hurt...
Take this heart, my love
After all, you've taken everything else.
Go ahead and break it, my love
Just like you broke everything else.

One more charm could be the best thing
And one more lie could be the worst.
Now your heart is never resting
Yet it's nothing more than you deserve.

Take this life, my darling
After all, you've taken everything else.
Go ahead and break it, my darling
Just like you broke everything else.

I didn't deserve this
I don't have to ask why
Your actions were amiss
For it will just end in a sigh

May Angels guide you in
As you drift your way to judgment
May Angels pardon this sin
As you drift your way to punishment

It's an affliction, your addiction
I didn't want it to be an interrogation
But I just had to ask...
"Do you love me?"

A Formal Apology
Give me a sign that I'm still alive
In this cold, cold world.
It's my mind that writhes
In this desolate world.

It all happened at noon on a midwinter day.
Such a wound and I don't know what to say,
Except that "I'm sorry, just so sorry."
Well let's make this a formal apology.

I can't rack your heart with grief
Because I've already ripped it out.
Can't burn your life's candle any lower
Because I've already snuffed it out.

I'm not pursuing some kind of perfection,
I'm leaving, I have to go away.
All I want is your satisfaction,
And to tell me I haven't been led astray.

A sigh, you laid your head back,
I knew something was amiss.
The feeling I thought I didn't lack,
Has come to haunt me in a lonely abyss.

Two Broken Hearts Don't Make A Whole

You watch me as I unravel
These tender rags from my icy heart.
Just watch me unravel
As I lay bare upon my quiet sorrow.

I twist and turn for you,
But this is no orthodox dance.
And yet all along, you knew,
You knew you'd spear my heart.

I'll take this to my grave,
May yet you be so brave.
There is the man, for he you wait.
There is the man, to he you wake.

"So this is how you feel?"
"Yes, this is how I feel."
While the conversation will go as thus,
I wonder now, "what's become of us?"

I just want to let you be aware
That you will always be my dove.
And while you may never care,
To you I will always love.

A Suicidal Love
Red, it pours from you,
The steel seeks your life.
Seeing sorrow in your eyes, I knew,
You can't help but cause this strife.

You pop a pill and let yourself go.
There's no will, just a shell, so hollow.
You gave me something to live for,
But I don't know if I want to anymore.

You aren't done just yet,
A chaser is what those pills need.
A whistle you have to wet,
Alcohol, may it be your maître d'?

And down it goes,
Drinking shot after shot.
You choke on tears,
Feeling knot after knot.

My Eternal Sleep
The knife, it cuts so deep.
I sigh, and yet I do not weep.
It takes everything else away.
The flesh, nay the life, is what I fray.

The scarlet steel, again I whet.
Emotions unchecked, my eyes are wet.
I've kept my heart locked tight.
Cold and cracked, it's a ghastly sight.

All I wanted was to forget;
Now I'm forever in your debt.

You gave me a reason to stay strong
When everyone else told me I was wrong.
You gave me a reason to stay alive
When all I wanted to do was hide.

You may see these scars, there's more than some,
But now it's time, my body's gone numb.
A contented sigh, for no more do I weep,
Because this is the closest thing to my eternal sleep.

They Realized All Too Late
It's been far too long,
Since we've seen each other.
What they're doing is wrong,
Keeping emotions deeper.

Let them see,
We should be together.
Let them see,
We should be forever.

Such a simple word,
For such a complex feeling.
It leaves a heart in disrepair,
And the mind reeling.

Now my heart is untenable,
The door is locked, key thrown away.
They thought it was negligible,
The life drained, strength whipped away.

It's the antithesis of hating,
A game you get ahead by waiting.
It's an egregious act from above,
And they never realized it was love.

To Go On Like This…
You'll take me by the hand,
And my feet will surely follow.
You'll take me by the heart,
And my mind will freeze and wallow.

Your gracious self has been more than kind,
But for tonight our paths will branch separately.
My eyes finally started to find,
That our lives are of two different entities.

You've reached out to me and I to you,
Emotions unchecked, they began to accrue.
Shouldn't I stand up and fight my fate?
Shout out to my God, heresy so irate?

The times we shared together will last forever.
To forget them?

I will never...

You’re Tearing Me Up
Lay stranded in the street,
Are broken pieces of this heavy heart.
Was once alive with passion and heat
Is frozen in the hollowed dark.

I'm kickin' myself over this.
I'm twisting the truth into a wish.
I can't find those truths now,
Because they've all become lies.

And it don't go away too fast.
I'm a window made of broken glass.
Every time I think of you I crack.
It's your accursed love that I lack.

I guess I'm not good enough for you.
I let you down,
So I'll just throw this all away,
And continue to wear my frown.

I would be lying if I said I knew.
The emotions unchecked, began to accrue.
The separation, we had waylaid.
And for that, a price will be paid.

Love rears it's heinous head at me.
Oh, yet she cries such a divine cacophony.