I'd make a thread, but I find the large quantity of idiots in forums rather disturbing.

Apparently Depp is completely willing, in fact wants, to continue to be captain Jack.

Keira says she's gotten a little tired of playing the same character and wants to move on to other stuff: understandable.

There's talk that the studio will probably have Bloom written out in a price-cutting move, again understandable (I'm not sure how Orlando himself feels about this).

Terry Rossio (screenwriter for the first 3) has said that he's willing, wants to, and will write a script for a 4th movie, but also understands that theres pressure to both make 4th one and not to make a 4th one. He just hopes writing a script might help push the studio to make a 4th one.

I also saw a website saying disney plans on making Pirates 4 their movie for summer 2009 since they apparently don't have anything scheduled to release then.

Basically, if they make a 4th movie, not all the characters from the first storyline would be there. I'm fine with that, the only two people that I would really like to see again would be Jack and Barbossa (and their crew). It also might be nice to have a little more story with Calypso cuz nothing is said about her after the end of the third one. I'm just happy they were smart enough to have such an easily sequel-able ending. The fact that I haven't read anyone say "this is the end there will be no more" only "this is the end of the story arc, there aren't any official plans for more," leads me to believe that there probably will be 4th one, depending on how well 3 does in the box office (it's all about the money, heh).