I know we already have a clan pic that represents our clan but I have actually member pics here just tell me what pic you want and i will put your name name on it and send it to you also solidshot89 will help he will also specialize it for you since he has photoshop

Something tragic happend friday night my Grandma died, none of use ever expected if either cause she looked healthy and everything but she was with her friend and just died the only reason they found out was because when they tried to talk to her she didnt resond and she also bought a new car that day... at least she died doing what she wanted to do and the other sad thing is her mom, my great grandma, died last month
I am very sad smiley2.gifsmiley2.gifsmiley2.gifsmiley2.gif
~ a very sad Xerxes_ smiley2.gifsmiley2.gif