yes If anyone was wondering....I am alive
There has been a lot of stuff going on with school and I have been insanely busy >_<

Lets recap the last few months:
more exams
still more exams

I have been promoted to squad leader within my company. This means I am one of the people in charge of the freshmen and sophomores and also one of the people that has to be in charge of some of the parades we go to. For those who view this as love it :)

On top of that I am the representative from our company to the SGA **Student Govt. Association**

more meetings
still more meetings

I am finally done with school on the 12th of June after which I almost immediately leave to ship out with the Navy for a month. All I know *that I can tell you* is that Im going overseas :) so I will probably ot be around for a while due to that.

Come aug. I will be helping out with the freshman orientation.

More crazy-ness coming!!!!!
later regards to everyone, I know we have not talked in a while but IM me or something if you want to chat...always glad to hear from people:)