That's right bitches, we won! It was a battle of epic proportions between unbeaten Tenaya and the just-barely-in-the-playoffs Cerro Vista, but we pulled it through, shitty ump and all. He was in my way and in my sight and when I asked him to move he didn't, he still didn't know how to call balls and strikes and he was inconsistant in his calling of said pitches, but we won all the same, by a final score of 16-12. I caught one amazing throw from my shortstop to nail a guy at home, who then ran into me, stepped on my foot and really pissed me off and I wish I would have argurd for him to be tossed, but the ump was a dumbass and wouldn't know an illegal play if it jumped up and bit him in the face. I also spent a fair ammount of time arguing with the other team, who were bitches, hoes, dumbasses and assholes all, especially their pitcher. Oh, and then I was arguing balls and strikes with the last batter for the opposition, which went something like this:

Ump: Strike
Her: (Pointing to a spot the ball didn't hit) The ball hit there
Me: No it didn't
Her: Yes it did
Me: Shut up and bat
Her: Fuck off

God I love arguing with the other team. She then proceeded to hit a ball back to my pitcher, who tossed to first for the last out of the game. It was the most amazing feeling to win like that, against a team that I hate with all of my black little heart. I suppose it's time to pass out now, but I don't think I'll be able to sleep after such a great night.

--We are the Champions my friends