For todays News we have a few
intresting things to bring you

first off My grandpa is right here playing Halo as
usual, Kicking the game's ass might I add
he also has three Snub nosed Revolvers
hidden away. why you Say?
Grandpa is a War Veteran From three wars
he keeps a Gun for every war he has fought in
Also for his own protection

*Camera two*

You see, my Grandpa Saved Two lives
Stopped a Robbery, and a few other things as well

In other News, My cat Angel just turned 19
May the cute cat have a nice Birthday

In the weather today it is at the normal high
79F With Cloudy skies all day with a 40% Chance of rain
through the South of wisconsin with Scattered T-Storms

Also I want to get Jason's award and make a big ' Y'
with all my awards

This is Kayko Okinirin with the Daily Crap News
Peace Out