Yup. I went over the edge and did a skin for the Halo armor that is based exactly on Trinities armor. Evenetually I'll do one of every color and for all sexes. Only have one for adult females right now.
Sexy hu? On thesims2.com I couldn't find any skins I liked, so I went and made my own damnit... took.. 4 hours to get it right. ugh. Now I am working on some other stuff. Kinda hard to see right now cause she is in the shadows of a base. Hehe.

Here Trinity be as a sim!
Tatoo is there too! Looks good in 3D. Yup. unfortunantly i ALSO couldn't find a mesh that had hair pulled back like I wanted it. So i went just for hair done loose. i like it like this, but Trinity will be known for her ponytail damnit! :P

Ok, I have been up since...lord, 4 pm yesterday and I have yawned at least 5 times trying to right this update.

I am such an addict. lol.