Hello I'm Kayko and Welcome to the Daily Crap

In the Site news today another Noob
Posted four or Five threads
Ghey if you ask me
this just in Burnie Got Neged to heck
by an angry Member. But I came and Cleaned that up
I gave Burnie +15 Mods to help him out

*Camera two*

In the weather today we have Cloudy
skies with the chance of rain

in local news My Grandpa has stoped playing halo
for today and took a Nap.
then he started playing again after he woke up
When you are old like him, you honestly
have nothing to look forward to
So enjoy life while it lasts, Grandpa is enjoying it
So how about you enjoy it also

In health news. My brother
is a Lazy bum
Comment below if you have an Idea
of what to do with him

I'm Kayko and This was the Daily Crap
Peace out