Hello again and welcome to the Daily crap
Today we have Thread rules.

as you might know Noobs from all over have been posting threads
and locking them.
One rule for today is Don't post threads.
Think about the Idea and ask people if it is good
then use common sense to ask yourself to
post it . . or don't post it and if it is a good Idea.
Get a Friends Advice, ask a Moderator.
And don't Fret when it is locked
it can be unlocked.

We have two good threads to mention today
From arrandock we have the Movies and Games RP
And the other thread is my Predator vs Halo
The status on the Movies and Games thread is
Currently on Slow
The Status on the Predator vs halo thread is currently on Medium
Stop by both sometime and have a good time
If you want me to Advertise your new thread please post below

*Camera two*

In local News my grandpa Killed a Squrriel
with one of his three Snub nosed revolvers
This was in response to the Squrriel Problem
we have been having for the past two years.
After Killing the Animal a neighbor called the Police
The Cops came by and asked him a few questions.
May he be safer in the future.

In Health news
My brother went out for a run today.
thanks for the suggestions people.

I'm Kayko and this has been The Daily Crap News
Peace out