I need to make a schedule or something to start going by for updating. But, let's see how long it takes me to cover everything that has happened that I can remember.

To start, May 12, prom. Since I did not have a way to drive Eun and me to the prom myself, I talked to the girl who's house Eun has been living at and she talked to her date and he agreed to drive us. So because of that, we ended up going in a white H3 Hummer with flames on it (it belongs to his grandfather). We went to an Italian restaurant and they handed out bibs so we wouldn't get anything on us. We took a bunch of pictures and then went to the grand march. That thing took over half an hour, but as soon as it was done it was on to the actual prom. That was good, when something came on and I could dance to it, I did, otherwise I stood or sat around and talked, but I had fun.

The next weekend, starting Friday after school ended, I did this work and play thing a a local bible camp to help them prepare for because of all the dead leaves and sticks all over the ground. We spent the part of the day with the good weather cleaning the place up, then after the weather started to get bad we finished work and began to play. I ended up 30 feet in the air on a high ropes course in the cold wind and what I thought was rain, but it could have been snow or both rain and snow, I'm not sure. After that I put another layer of two on and went paintballing. After that was over, I went home and took a shower and not too much longer after that went to bed. The next day, Sunday, I went paintballing again and it was a much nicer day. I got hit in the same spot on the top of the head both days. Either way, I had fun and it turned out to be a great weekend.

Then began my last week of school. it went by really fast and on Thursday I didn't have to go into school until like 10 for commencement practice and Friday I had a half day. With only having to take three exams when I had six classes, I have to say I got off pretty easy those last few days. On Friday I went with some people to fill up water balloons because I guess the seniors usually through them at the under class when they come out of the school after our last day. I didn't throw any of the balloons, but I watched them being thrown and took pictures of it for someone. Let's see, I went home then found out my grandparents were at a small park with their RV, so I went to see them, them went to a couple grad parties, went home, did things, went to bed, and spent most of Saturday going around to grad parties, except for when I had to go pick up my mom at the airport. Then Sunday, the graduation ceremony, it went well and I got my diploma that day. For the rest of that day, I hung out with family here at my house for a bit, boshimi and PinkyHasAGun where there to help my keep my sanity, then we went to one of my best friends' grad party, went to the part for the exchange students for a bit, went back to my friends party, came home, then went to the lock-in. There I had fun and ended up winning two folding camping chairs, but traded someone them for a microwave. The next day after getting almost no sleep I went to another party and was there until midnight.

Last Saturday I went to two more grad parties, this Saturday I go to a few more parties, then go back to the bible camp for a week long canoe trip. Once that is done on next Saturday, I go to NMU for my last year at Upward Bound. This year I'll be taking a college course, I should have an internship, I'll be helping the counselors watch over the students, and I'll be going to Florida on the last week of the trip.

Also, I am finally getting the 1GB of RAM that I've been wanting since I built this computer and I'm also getting a new video card to add to it. This video card has DVI, so I can better utilize the capabilities of the LCD monitor that I got a couple of months back. No, I am not saying that I am actually getting these parts this time just to end up saying that I'm actually not getting them, I've ordered them and they should be here on Wednesday, so I truly am getting them. It's taken almost three years, but it is finally happening.