i downloaded the demo to shadow run.
so far i have only played it once with a friend.
it started out pretty cool, the weapons are pretty chill, and the magic you get to use makes things move a lot quicker.
i played with a good number of people but then things turned to shit with someone on our team betraying us, it was pretty funny at first, he was running around with a sword the hole time, but it got a little old towards the end so i quit. I'll prolly be playing it some more later, maybe rent the actual game sometime too.
i would buy it , its fun, but im saving my cash for halo3 though it will be a few months before it comes out, im just to damn poor to get anything else.

any one play uno on xbl?! i was severly grossed out by my first encounters with the game, it seems like its only safe to play when you have three other friends to play with. if you go in alone you get a bunch of dirty pervs flashing themselves on cam.
my friend sloppy has decided he will no longer call it uno and change it to penis.
i have to beg him to play with me now, he disables the video chat.

disabling the video chat helps with not seeying the dirty stuff, but if you want to see the few good people that play, incase you havnt figured it out, when someone nasty comes in, all you have to do is mute them and it shuts their cam off as well.
this will weed out the bad cams and keep the good ones.

nothing much else to say, but have a good day and try out shadow run if you can... its realy good.