CU Football Camp
Hey today was my first day (of 3) at the CU Football camp in Boulder... Today was pretty fun we did d-line, QB, Runningback, O-Line, DB and Linebacker stations... We also palyed 2 games of buffball which is like ultimate frisby cept with a football and u can run after u get the ball. If you don't know what ultimate is... LOOK IT UP!!!

My team, the colts, won 1 and lost 1... I already have a rival! He's a cocky jerk... Can't wait till me do tackling drills!

Anyway I'm kinda sore... To be more specific my left ankle and I think I pulled my right ass cheek down to my ankle... But other than that it was fun although it gets really hot. I'm ready for tomarrow though.... OFF TO ICE!!! BYE