Hey, how is everybody? Im okay not great but Im getting by. I'd tell you why I wasnt on for a week or two but I just dont feel like repeating it again, but I'll tell yall in another journal. Anywy let's go:

AMVs: I put another one up!!!!!! This one fits without a shadow of a doubt. Plus I for some reason cant stop watching it. Kinda scary..... Anyway it's of the movie 300 and the song is Frontline by Pillar. I think it's my best so far. But Im kind bias.

WWE Draft:Anybody watch that? Well for those of you who DID I can with out a doubt tell you that MCMAHON IS NOT DEAD. Okay? He's is too much of a showboat and a (dare I say) genius at this to die on his own show! He didnt become a multi- billionairre by just going into things blindly. Besides even IF it was real you wouldnt be able to walk a foot without seeing headlines about it on the news By the way Id like to make VERY CLEAR, I dont really like Mr. Macmahon, in fact I fuckin hate him@ But I do respect he's made the WWE what it is today, just like Dusty Rhodes said Mondaay Night.

Halo 3: I am only $35 away from paying back my dad for the loan he gave me to buy Halo 3- Legendary Edition!! Hell yeah!!!!!! Also is it just me or does the fact that Halo 3 is coming out in like 3 months not matter to anyone?

PLZ visit my oh-so-badass friends profiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Seeya around -_-