This is for the Predator Vs Halo people who RP on there. Go to the Covenant Squad Omegas forum website to find a better version of it from here on RvB. There will be no more spammers. If you want a link to the web message me and you can only join if you follow the rules. If you don't you will have the worst day of your life.

Oh yes I'm still in this contest. Vote for anyone else but me, alien666, Wchurchill and idiot45(i acidentally voted on there idiot45. I'll get rid of the vote). DON'T vote for me, alien 666, Wchurchill, and, idiot45. Here's the link: Right here It's an eliminating contest by voting and I want us 4 to be the last ones against eachother. Plus if us 4 have a vote please pay 4 mods to get rid of it. You can vote every 24 hours.