Well, I have some problem to kind of sort out. Which is pretty much what I'll be doing....

Problemo Nemuro Uno: Well, it's official. I'm getting glasses tomorrow....

*Sounds of screams of horror and people yelling," Women and children first! Where in the hell are the damned lifeboats????" can be heard all around*

Yeah, it sucks. But a GOOD thing is I get to see how stupid the people in my school really are. This is probably what theyll say to me when they see me on the first day of school:

"Heeeeeeeeey, are those glasses?"Must.Kick.Their.Ass.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-"They'll never get to finish that sentence, their throats will be stuffed with all of those flyers and shit that the school always hand out on the first day.

Oh, and the classic.
"Hi there, FOUR eyes!" No I cant say anythig to that. Too easy.

"Woah. Are those glasses?" No they're my foot like me to introduce them to your ass?

Another Addicton... I have a have friend who's told me about Supernatural alot. It sounded like it would have everything that I love. Oh and it did.( Once I got a chance to DVR it.) You guys are just lucky to have caught me in commercials.

I can't think of anythingele that going on.....

...And if you dont go to my BADASS friends' profiles you'll be put on Dean and Sam's list of who's ass to kick. And if you don't know who they are....well... you're probebly already on the list.

Seeya around! *_*