Expected class-Head of the Rokli Clan
Weapons-Claymore and 4 daggers
Appearance:About 6'2, has Brown eyes, Black,buzz cut hair,and a strong built
Personality-Is always angry, never happy, unless he kills then he get a bloodlust so big he feels like he can take over all the local clans.
History-Father was always Training him to be the next Rokli clan leader after himself.
At the Age of 18 Gerco became the Rokli clan leader. women fell at his feet because if she got married with him they would be the next leader of the clan if Gerco would die.

Expected class-Vampire Noble
Weapons-Whip, claymore and dagger
Appearance:about 5'9 has light golden yellow hair that goes down to her waist and has a streak of red hair across her face, and blue eyes.
Personality-sometimes sad and is kind of shy.
History:was born to a Human father and a vampire mother,she lived a happy life,went to school,graduated, and became A Vampire Noble of the non-human country.
Her father died of sickness when she was 15,and was perfect at hiding the fact that her father was a human