Setting-The year is 12,090 A.D. The world has ended, Ravaged in a firestorm of man's wars and madness. But from the wreckage
a few humans manage to survive. A few humans and...something else.
A werewolf with great provincial uses it for evil, a vampire hunter out for revenge or sadness,a Vampire noble out for the non-human country is at Rome, waiting for the Hunter known as D, for investigation of vampire, and human murders.
But does D goes for the side of vampires? or humans?
We will find out.

Expected class-Head of Polrk Clan
Weapons-Whip, and 5 daggers
Appearance-About 6'1 Has golden yellow eyes and black hair.
Personality-Has a good sense of leadership in her,and sometimes can be goofy
History-Being born to a mother, leader of the Polrk clan, A well known clan, known for their clansmen being ex-military,ex-cops,
and ex-mercenaries, is always for the hire.
At the age of 12 she found out that her father was murdered by her own mother,because of father being human.
At the age of 15 she challenged her own mother for the position of leader and came out victorious.

Expected class-Vampire Noble
Weapons-Claymore and 2 daggers
Appearance-Has a Strong built, about 6'7 has shoulder length jet-black hair, and blood red eyes
Personality-Like Micah, He is goofy, and caring for the ones he loves
History-Born to a mother and father Vampire, James has great Oriental to be the next non-human king.
He was blessed in birth to be the next non-human king by the Earl of Jerad and is dying slowly.
James has a dream world where Vampires and humans can live together without dispute

Race-Human Vampire Hunter
Expected class-Daughter of The Vampire Hunter Nightmare
Weapons-Whip, 7 daggers, and bow and arrow.
Appearance-just like her father, she is 5'11 and has green eyes and golden yellow hair.
Personality-Caring, and Somewhat Shy to other hunters
History-She was born from the Legendary Vampire hunter Nightmare,Her father
he left her and her mother when was at the young age of 4
Mother died of illness when she was 8, she was taken in by her older brother granger
was raised perfectly in a good environment and at the age of 25 she left to train under a vampire hunter to find her father and find out why he left her and her mother.

Name-Nightmare Real name is unknown
Expected class-Legendary Vampire hunter
Weapons-Claymore,Bow and arrow and 17 daggers
Appearance-has a strong built, about 6'9
Personality-Never talk around humans, only talks about business when looking for a assignment .
History-Unknown (you guys will find out his history later in the story)