The setting sun was straining the far reaches of the plain, Its hue closer to blood than vermilion. The wind snarled like a beast across the barren sky. On the narrow road that cut through a sea of grass, high enough to hide all below a man's ankles, the lone horse and rider ceased their advance as if forestalled by the wall of wind gusting straight at them.
The road rose a bit some sixty feet ahead. Once they'd surmounted the rise they would be able to survey the rows of houses and greenbelts of farmland that comprised Ransylva, just another hamlet in this frontier sector.
At the foot of that gentle slope stood a girl.

She was a sight to see. She had Golden yellow eyes like those of a wolf and black hair as dark as night.
She looked like a leader should, confident and strong.
"Halt stranger"
The hooded stranger stopped his horse and dismounted it.
"What Business do you have in Ransylva? Part of Polrk clan territory?" she asked
"My name is D I wish safe passage to pass Ransylva to head for Rome."
"D? you mean as the Vampire Hunter D?"
"remove your hood and let me your face D"
He Removed his hood.
He had Midnight blue eyes as dark as the night, and long silver hair as a werewolf.
At sight she thought he was about 6'1 but she concluded he be 6'5 and also at sight had a strong built
"pleased to meet you D. My name is Jade, head of the Polrk Clan. I wish you follow me"
"Of course"

As D grabbed th horse's rinks he turned to see her going ahead to the small village
at about sunset he entered the peaceful village, he saw small children playing with friends,Elders talking about their past and parents and loved ones playing some game.
"welcome to the Heart of the Polrk clan D" Jade said
"If you could show me the passage on to Rome, I would be grateful" D said
"but I have a favor to ask of you D"
"And what might that be?"
"One of our clansmen has been bitten by a noble, A still to be werewolf, A human"

D immediately knew what might happen to that person if they had no help or didn't kill the noble....The Victim would be killed to prevent them to turn into the bloody beast.
"And what might I help with that?" He asked
"I was hoping you could go to the Noble's castle and kill him before the human turns into one."
"What's the noble name?"
"Count Magnus Lee. He was the Noble of this village even since I was born"
"I heard of that Noble, Last surviver of the war of gertail.Correct?"
"yes, After he survived he was assigned to this part of the territory, Mine"
"can you lead me to the Victim's house?"
"she knows the situation and once she was bitten, she came to me about it and I contained her in her home"
"and she will stay there?"
"No, She can come to village, The doctor decided that her bite is to th lowest degree of Vampirism."
"good, then I will see what I could do for her"