Me and my Dad were in our backyard trying to take out tree stakes made of Bamboo. They were really long and it was funny I couldn't pull them up so my dad just broke it off from the bottom and the other one. Then my dad wacked me a bit in the rib cage and then we started fighting eachother with them like a sword fight. I used mine like a double-bladed staff while his as a single hilt and it was funny because after we fought for awhile he threw his at me but I jumped over it since it was going to hit my knees and then I threw mine and it was going for his neck but my dad ducked and it barely missed his head then he grabbed my thrown one and I grabbed his and we fought eachother while my dog was watching. It was funny. My mom was recording it. It was 10 minutes long. I had fun though.

P.S: Another glitch confirmed. Unlocking the Halo 2 map Foundation with out the map pack or XBL.