As soon as they were done talking they reach a small hill and left his horse at the bar's stalls. About quarter of a mile ahead there was a farm,outside was a small boy with a laser rifle in his arm. He was about 8 years old and has Black hair and about 3'9 and was shooting at the targets lined up at the far end of the farm.

He turned to face Jade and D and greeted them
"Hello Ma'am, How are you doing this fine evening?" Dan asked
"Very well Thank you"
"Are you looking for my sister?"
"Yes,can you please tell her that I'm here?"
He nodded and raced inside the house leaving the door open.After for about 5 minutes a young Girl stepped out of the house.
She looked like she was in her late Teens, and has Long black hair that reached her waist. It was too dark for D too see what color eyes she has.
"Greetings Ma'am, What brings you to my Farm?"
"Introduce yourself to the hunter who will kill the Noble who bit you"
She stepped a little closer,as to see him.
"Nice to meet you sir,My name is Doris Lang and this here is my brother Daniel Lang"
"Pleased to meet you, My name is D"
He took off coat and bowed down to the young lady
"Might I ask, How long was it when the count has bitten you?"
"It was 3 days ago sir"
"then I think I have enough time"
"Please come in sir, I'm pretty sure that you are tired of your long journey"
"thank you" and D entered the House

They went in to talk about the Noble,the journey D will have to take and the time to strike.
The Next day, D woke to the Sound of raging men and horse's hooves pounding on the ground. He looked out the window with carefulness of the sun. He saw little Dan and Doris outside. Doris have in one hand a long leather whip and a rifle.Little Dan had a laser rifle in his arms.
the horses and the men stopped in front of the house with pistols and swords in their hands.he listened very closely what they said....
"Dear me, the cream of local society is out at force.A no account little farm like this don't deserve such distinguished guests" As Doris greeted them in a clam tone,her eyes were cautiously trained on the men in the second and third ranks.In the foremost rank were prominent villagers like Sheriff Luke Dalton, Dr. Sam Ferringo, and Mayor Rohman.-this last was Greco's father,whose face was unusually oily for a man nearing sixty.there was no reason to worry about any of those three suddenly trying anything funny,but behind them was a mob of brutal hooligans just itching to make a statement with the guns and battered heat-ray guns they wore on their hips.This is just getting started.

"So you're going to believe that stupid ass of an idiot you call a son Mayor?"
"Yes I am Ms.Lang. Even when the count paid a visit to you and bit you on that pretty neck"
As the mayor said that D saw that Dan was gripping his laser-ray tightly.He knew how the little guy felt.If the townspeople couldn't get anyone to take care of the Vampire for her,they would rid of her,and would leave Dan to tend for himself.that was the frontiersman's laws.He knew that when his trainer trained him to become the famous hunt he is.And he couldn't take anymore of it.He grabbed his Claymore and dagger and headed off to the yard.

"We all know that you got bit by a Noble,Sweet face" Greco said
Greco was one of the worst people that could be along with the mob.He was the Mayor's son. was bugging her to marry him.and time after time again she refused.
"Would you please Shut your Mouth?! this is adult talk,not kiddie talk Greco!" Doris yelled out
Greco's face started to turn Bright Red and At that second he went for his gun and an instant a dagger came out of nowhere and knocked the gun out his hand.
"Who the hell are you?!" Greco said
"My name Is Micah, But you can call me D"
Dan's face went bright was he could make it. Last night while they were talking they mentioned about Greco and the others and D made a promise to little Dan he said "I swear to you Dan, they won't land a finger on your sister"
When Dan made his little face bright,D was walking to his fallen dagger and picking it up.
"Again, Who the hell are you?"
"My name is Micah, Vampire Hunter D"
"See folks, if a vampire hunter is here then that means she has been bitten by a noble and we should capture her and kill her!"