Really quick, time for a journal. Just because I know your week revolves around hearing about my life... yeah, not. So anyway, watched the new Who. Amazing as always. The finale is going to have a lot to finish up though. Started a new Oblivion character yesterday and played it again today. I'm already a level 10 but I don't remember the game being this hard. Well, my character being this weak anyway. So after I got sick and tired of getting my ass kicked in the arena and out in the wild by trolls, I logged onto my other character. He's a level 42 that has all the guilds and both expansions beaten. I then spent the next hour killing anyone and everyone that was stupid enough to be in the Imperial City. Granted I didn't get everyone, but I got everybody on the streets and hit all the heavily populated areas. All the shop owners and beggars are dead, along with anyone on the waterfront. Haven’t done that in a while, felt pretty good. I tried playing Half Life 2 but my computer hates me. I’m really tempted to buy a desktop but for now I’ll just use my 360. Also, Rush pointed this game out to me. I’d heard about it at the first of the year but had forgotten about it. Very lucky for me, both Portal and Half Life 2 will be coming to the 360 later this year. Don’t care so much for the wait, but what can you do.