This weekend I have a family reunion to attend. Hopefully I can stop being lazy and fix my camera before I go smiley1.gif . My family will be leaving Thursday, and will be gone until Monday or Tuesday. I believe the reunion this year is once again in Arkansas, so I'm expecting it to be hellishly hot smiley7.gif , which I'm not exactly prepared for. I need to buy a few pairs of shorts, and perhaps a few more sleeveless shirts.

Since I failed to post a weekend question this last weekend, I'll try and come up with a good question to post during my absence smiley1.gif . At the moment I'm working on a sideshow style video using photos from the last time part of the family came up to visit, which will hopefully be auctioned off for big dollars on auction day smiley11.gif

Also, I did some more tweaking to the "You Can't Escape" mix. I'm much more satisfied with this version. Click on the name to listen to it.