Those of you who've been on my friends list for what is now actually years will now i go a bit crazy at Wimbledon time.
Its ok, do not fret! I have not let you down this year.
I took the whole two weeks off in expectation of sunshine for the mornings to sit in my garden, go for bike rides... (hmm hello rain!) and watch tennis on my telly in the afternoons. The tennis bit has been going well despite the rain.
Been cheering on good ol' Tiger Tim who played that awesome 5 setter and won! w00t w00t!
And Nadal is still gorgeous and fit as ever.

Besides tennis and holiday time all is good with me.
I go to work.
Bake brownies on my days off.
I'm attempting to make Kievs tonight, should be interesting.
Should really venture out to the shops in a sec before it rains, might need to change out of pyjamas first though....

Hope all is well with u guys, sorry i don't hang out here much.

Love Kat xx