Once the Ranch Hand's bodies clear out and everything in the forest is calm, D goes along jade to her home more deeper in the woods.
As they near D sees Beautiful Birds and wondrous fruit he thought that were no more in the world.
"A wonderful place to relive the stress and be yourself"
"Thank you for the kind words D"
"I used to have a home like this back at the Capital,...back when I was young"
Jade thought at that time "this Hunter couldn't possibly the Famous Dhampir she kept hearing all along the frontier when she was a young werewolf.
She had heard that there was a man that killed over the limit the Legendary Vampire Hunter Nightmare has killed....Over 565 kills.
"Tell me more about yourself D"
"Well what do you want to know about me?" As they enter the house she asks more questions, about his lifestyle, The path he's chosen.
"would you like Tea D?"
"yes and please Call me Micah I grow weary of that name"
She goes to the stand to make some tea and starts to pour some for herself and for Micah
"How many Servings would you like?"
"13 please"
"yes, you see I have low blood sugar"
"Yes....I can understand"
As she brings the tea,they keep talking about each other's life and D's Business here and what he plans to do if he wants get rid of the Count.
"So you lost your mother of an illness?"
"yes, Afterwards my father and myself moved to the capital"
"what about this girl you said that you loved?"
"She's dead, killed by the hands of our own village people"
As Micah says that Jade starts to move towards Micah and sits on his lap facing him with her golden yellow wolf eyes
"you know Micah, I grow fond of you, you and me have almost the history expect by our mother's deaths"
"how is that different?"
"I killed her with my own hands"
"and why would you do that?"
"This clan seeked a great leader,they suggest me to my father"
"So out of leadership and help from your father you fought the position of clan leader and killed your mother?"
As she said that she started to draw closer to Micah's face and gently laid a kiss on his lips
D felt the light brush of lips and he puts his hands behind her neck and kisses her

(please Act maturely to this, this is how me and my friends thought this story out)