On Monday, football started they desided to make football an all around sport so i have preseason practice mon- thurs. i even have practice during winter
i will for sure been on fridays, saturdays and sundays. sorry guys i havent on much the funny thing is summer vactions i am more busy than when im at school... lol. i and hella sore from 2-3:30 im in the wiegh room lifting wieght after that in have 30mins of learning plays then conditioning (sprinting 50 back and forth) from 4- 5:30 then practice is over!! but itys still fun... but a LOT of work and sweat! so i won't be on a lot unless its friday saturday and sunday

Im also going to be busy going through my watchlist i have 30 some ppl i still have to look at and each of them have atleast 5 journals and the most i have is 56 from mattroher and good job at keeping me busy lol smiley0.gif

EDIT: ill try to be more active on my 3 days off... and get my watchlist under control