Its been a good 100 episodes of RvB. Episode 100 was definitely the best, but RvB is not over. RT has given out a lot of clues, including this one. Wow, all that talk about "the end" for nothing. I can't wait for its continuation, there are so many things unanswered. I couldn't ask for a better finale, I liked their style of ending it. How caboose asked Church " You ever wonder why we're here?" just like how they started it all off. smiley1.gif
(anyone check out the alternate endings?)

How are you guys enjoying your summer? Mine has been pretty awesome so far, I have spend most of it at my friends houses. smiley1.gif

I'm going to be in Australia for most of July. I was chosen by one of my older teachers, I wish I knew who, to go. Its a student program but we aren't going to do any research or any crap like that, just fun. The plane rides' going to be a bitch. 5 hours to L.A then probably about 11- 15 (maybe more) hours to the South Pacific.

Enjoy your summer.