At the Lang's house,Dan was out at the field tending to the cows and horses,and Doris was in the house setting up breakfast for them.
"where could he be?" Doris thought in her mind

While deep in the woods,Micah and Jade are still there.
Micah woke up to the scent of blood,He was dreaming.
He was back to his boyhood years,He was at school,studying to impress his mother and make her proud to have such a hard working son.
Then come 3 shadows behind him,He turns around to find the bullies from his past.
"hey what you got there freak?"
One of the boys picks up one of his papers and rips his papers.
"hey what the hell did you do that for?"
"oh this little kid got a mouth on him"
"remember kid you're in 10 grade and you're barely 9"
It was true his father made him study hard.Very hard.
He was pronounced the next intelligence's of the famous professor in all the
frontier. and his mother and father were proud of that. as was Micah.
"besides what kind of name is Micah pipsqueak?"
Micah just ignored the jerk and went to pick up his papers and books and started to go outside.
"look Jake the small fry is trying to get away"
"No wonder,they say that all Vampires are cowards"
Micah froze in the middle of the dirt road and dropped all his stuff
"never make fun of my father that way!" and he Vanished.
"whoa! where the small fry go?"
Instantly the biggest kid of the bunch was being hanged by a cloth and Micah was holding it.
"remember the pain of this boy,remember it good,cause when you make fun my daddy,this will happen to you boy."
he let the boy go and then all the rest ran off with him.
At that moment Micah woke up to the scent of his own blood. he was digging his blade into his hand.
he looked beside him and saw jade hugging him.
he was trying to remember what happened,He was talking to jade and then she kissed him,then it started to get more serious with her.....he quietly got off of the bed and went to dress.
After 34 minutes he was showered,dressed and ready with his weapons.
He had left a note for jade by her dresser and went out to go to the Lang's house

At the Lang's house Dan and Doris were busy eating when he came.
"Sis he's back"
"yes Dan,stay here and eat,I'll take care of him."
She went to grab her whip and her rifle and went outside to face the Count.
The one who bit her.