Well I had almost this entire journal typed out before, but stupid me accidentally closed the tab before I could completely finish it and submit it and since I don't feel like typing it all out again, your going to get the short version.

My computer parts came in, I put them in, computer runs so much better and is so much more capable of doing what I want it to do. Microsoft was being a pain about something though and I found a way to take care of it, so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Went to a couple more grad parties, saw one of the exchange students before she left, was happy that I could say bye to her one last time. Then went to bible camp for canoe trip. Stayed at camp until Monday morning getting ready for trip. Monday started canoe trip. Tuesday was a 9 hour day of paddling and the next three days were a lot more relaxed. On the third of the relaxed days we reached out pick-up point a day ahead of schedule, we were picked up and went back to bible camp. Next day we went canoing on another river, just so we wouldn't spend the day doing nothing. Saturday, came back home, repacked, left for NMU.

Got to NMU for upward Bound, did usual Upward Bound stuff including another camping trip. Went rafting on camping trip and climbed a ropes course, had fun. I am taking Physics 201 at NMU as part of being a Bridge Student. The physics class prevented them from being able to get me a really good internship, so my internship is with the program. I will be making the program yearbook along with doing a couple of other things as the intern. Upward Bound is great as usual, but for me has a few perks including that I can walk around campus during the day as I wish, I get to keep my laptop with me instead of having limited access to it, my stipend is larger, and I only have one class.

Back to computer related topics, since my computer can now handle running Xfire at the same time as games with the increase in RAM, I have actually started to use the Xfire account I started I have no idea how long ago (it's been at least a year)jihp10.png

I think there might have been something else, but I can't remember, so oh well that's all I have for now.