No, it’s not my birthday, that’s not until January. Besides, I’ve never gotten anything this good for a birthday present. So yeah, I finally went out and bought myself a tv. I've always wanted one. Got a Sanyo 32in widescreen HDTV LCD. Went with that brand because they had the best stats at the store and they were all priced the same. Then I took the 15in computer monitor that my xbox was using and hooked it up to my laptop. Dual screen bitches! But back to the tv. I was going to get bigger, but my room is only so big, and the dresser that it would have to go on will fit a 32 nicely, but nothing bigger. So I picked up the HD cables for my 360, no I don't have the HDDVD player. Might get it later on when LOTR comes out on HD. So yeah, turned on my 360 and Need for Speed Carbon was in. Drove around pissing cops off in the shiny hi-def. Then came the real test. Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion. Words cannot describe what I saw last night and again this morning. I have various saves throughout the game at really pretty spots, loaded all of them in HD. Fucking amazing! Cyrodiil, the Shivering Isles, I just stared at the screen. The gorgeous night sky of the Shivering Isles. The sparkling of Niben Bay. The intricate details of countless monsters and NPCs. The deep purple of Cheydinhal. The shades of lighting and the shadows. The radiant Fall colors of Mania. The blinding white of the Imperial City. The perfect reflections of cities everywhere on the surface of the rivers, bays, and oceans. HDTVs were made for this game. And now I’m going to play my new game. I picked up Darkness last night, looks interesting. Also saw Die Hard 4 and Transformers, both kicked insane amounts of ass. Also, I will be watching Lord of the Rings this weekend to further test my new precious.