I'm off to the Big Apple tomorrow with 40 (or so) of my closest friends. I'm in a high school bell choir and we're touring NYC and a few places on the way there from the Chicago suburbs. We go on a 10 day tour every year, every 4 years being NYC and Disney World (but set off from each other by 2 years...like the Olympics). Anyways...I'll be going to baseball games, seeing shows on Broadway, running the Rocky steps (Maybe I'll bring the music to play in the background heh), and visiting Ground Zero, among other things). In general, it's gonna rock because it always does. My only complaint is that even you're best friends can get annoying after 10 days of seeing them literally 12 hours a day, sometimes in bus with them for hours at a time, but hey, it's well worth it.

Have fun without me...smiley-tongue-out.gif

Oh, and here's an example of the stuff we play...Recognize it?