The pelican ride seemed longer than it was. Nobody said anything. They just didn’t have the guts. Adam, delta squad’s leader, didn’t say anything either. He was too lost in thought. The loss of Marcus had everyone down. MJOLNIR armor creaked as the Spartans inside them moved around uneasily. It was Cory that finally spoke up.

“So, what happens now?â€Â

“A couple days rest and a hot meal.†said Tyler hopefully.

“No such luck, command wants us back out there asap, sorry. Twelve hours max, if not, less.†replied Adam. Ever since the Covenant found Earth, it’s turned their lives living hell on the surface. The humans have been holding their own, but the covenant have been hitting several key points around the globe, putting them at a slight disadvantage.
The Pelican touched down at Camp Wilson, and a marine met them outside.

“Sirs, the Colonel says debriefing in half an hour.â€Â

“Thank you marine. Dismissed.†said Adam. The marine walked off toward the mess hall at the center of camp. Adam looked around at Delta and sighed deeply. Of the fifteen original members of Delta squad, only six remained. Marcus was lost in the most recent mission to recover a captured weapons facility. The mission was a success, but during the battle, Marcus was stuck with two plasma grenades to the head.

As they headed towards Delta squad’s barracks to recuperate, Adam noticed some marines, under the watchful eye of some technicians(techies as they’re called), unload several boxes from a pelican on one of the nearby landing pads. The boxes had “MJOLNIR†printed on the side.

New armor? The rest of the team seemed to relieve as they too saw the armor. Suddenly things weren’t looking so grim.

Adam looked at Aaron and ordered, “Go and see if they need any help.

“Yes sir!†he acknowledged with some enthusiasm in his voice.